Debt can be debilitating, don’t let it get in the way of moving forward in your life.  Elmbrook Law combines extensive knowledge of financial law with good business judgment and their many years of experience to achieve exceptional results in this area.


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If a customer or client owes you money, or you owe a creditor money for an unpaid bill, the collection lawyers and staff at Elmbrook Law Offices can help. Our staff works with creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers with the collection of delinquent accounts, through negotiations and litigation. We provide legal services in all phases of debt collection including judgment enforcement/post judgment remedies or bankruptcy.

This history of working with creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers provides unique representation for the debtor who feels overwhelmed by debt. Allow our staff at Elmbrook Law Offices to help you understand the process and seek a resolution aimed to relieving you of the stress associated with past due bills.

Areas Of Collection Services include:

  • Business to business debt collection
  • Consumer debt collection
  • Counseling on collecting without litigation
  • Drafting promissory notes, security agreements, collateral pledge agreements, assignments, stipulations, settlement agreements, forbearance agreements and other similar documents
  • Affirmative defenses and defense of counterclaims filed in litigation
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Enforcement of judgments through execution, garnishment, attachment, supplemental hearings, receivership and contempt motions Let the collection lawyers and staff at Elmbrook Law Offices help you recover monies owed to you in a professional yet aggressive and efficient manner.

Let the collection lawyers and staff at Elmbrook Law Offices work with you to efficiently diagnose your financial troubles and resolve outstanding demands for payment.

Contact us at our Brookfield, Wisconsin office by calling (262) 785-4470 to discuss your collection needs or concerns.